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Whether you are a veteran photographer or new to the art, weekends are a great time to relax and just enjoy yourself. Here is a list of great projects that can completed over a weekend or a series of weekends

Make Photography Fun and Relaxing

Once the weekend arrives, you do not want another chore that has to be completed. That is why you should combine photography with other activities you enjoy. If you live with your family, include them in your project, you will all have a great time.

1. Get to know your surroundings

Weekends are a great time for going on walks. Have a look at the map of your area and choose an area to cover on a particular weekend. Take pictures of anything and everything in the area. This will help you get to know the area you live in, give you a great excuse to get much needed exercise and improve your photography skills. And it is fun activity you can do either on your own or with family and friends.

2. Document your family

Photographing the people you live with is a lovely way of documenting your life. Set out to do this at certain time, for example breakfast, afternoon and bed time, and do it over a period of time. The result will be a wonderful photo diary of your family enjoying their free time. You will see them change over time, a particularly wonderful thing to do if you have children.

3. Create your own weather report

Do you have the feeling that it is always raining at weekends, or that weekends are always lovely and bright. You can prove yourself and others, right by taking pictures of the sky at particular time of the day. Maybe just once, at noon, or two or three times. Whatever you choose, the result will be interesting and will improve your skills, since you will have to deal with different lighting and weather condition. You could also experiment with exposure and angles.

4. Capture the world as it is

It is difficult sometimes to photograph the world as it is. As soon as you bring the camera close to your eye, you start making decisions about the composition, light and so on. Furthermore, if there are people in your picture, they will start acting unnaturally. Decide to spend an entire weekend with a camera and use it without planning. Take pictures without looking through the camera, from the hip or over the shoulder. The results may be delightful and will certainly be interesting.

5. Get to know your neighbors

Most of your neighbors will be at home over the weekend. Choose a sunny warm one, when most of the people are out. Go up to them, introduce yourself and ask if you can take a pictures of them. Some will refuse, no doubt, but you will get to know the ones that don’t better. Ask to take a couple of pictures, maybe of your neighbor doing something they enjoy.

6. Allow neighbors to get to know you

Buy several disposable cameras and ask your neighbors to take pictures. Tell them what your interests are and ask them to base their photos on those interests. This may not directly help you with your photography skills, but may well start a photography club in your area. Furthermore, it will be interesting to see how other people’s creativity works.

7. Set yourself a theme

Write down a number of themes that interest you, for example trees, buildings or pets. Spend the entire weekend photographing just that one thing. If it is trees, for example, you can pick one and take multiple photos from different angles, using different exposures, at different light conditions. Alternatively you can photograph different trees, any you come across. Both ways will help you hone your skills and improve your portfolio.

8. Fun with cooking

Many people spend their weekends cooking and eating. Make the most of that. Take photos of the ingredients and the cooks. The pictures can be very detailed, macro ones or elaborate still life ones, whatever takes your fancy. Take photos of the processes, of full pots and piles of dishes. When it is all finished, take a picture of everyone enjoying the results.

9. Learn through teaching

If you have a family member or a room-mate who is not a photographer, but would like to learn, spend a weekend or several weekends teaching them. Teaching others is a great way to learn. It will bring you closer to the other person and may also result in you gaining a photography project partner. At the end of the day sit down together and compare and contrast you work. Discuss the results and see how they can be improved.

10. Enjoy your bath

Taking long, relaxing baths is another activity people reserve for the weekends. Use the time to work on your photography skills. Water and steam can offer wonderful opportunities to experiment and the result rarely fail to amaze.

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