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One of the smartest things you can do early on in your photography business is setup a great photography workflow.  The most important thing about your workflow is, it has to work for you.  You can research good workflows all day long but at the end of the day you need something that works for your unique situation.  I have seen many different professional workflows in the last few years.  I use a combination of Aperture, iPhoto, and Finder to organize my data.  Some people like to include adobe bridge, lightroom, and many other softwares.  You need to decide what works for you.

Setting up your photography workflow

1. Organize your data from Photo Shoot to Final product.

You do this using some combination of the software mentioned above.   Each photographer has different ways they work and many designs are unique.  Your workflow should work for you and the kind of work you do.

2. You need to organize your photography using three different types of edits

Original files from your camera, Live files or files you are working on, and finally Final edits.  All three different file types need to be backed up incase of catastrophic loss.

Creating a photography workflow is very important but sticking to your plan is even more important.  It never fails that one time that you edit an original file you are going to mess up and not be able to get it back.

The last tip I have is create a backup process that stores your data for at least a few years preferably forever.  Although it can get a little expensive to keep a catalog of photography using external hard drives.  You never know when you will have a client contact you and want to buy more images from a shoot you did two years ago.  Also as busy photographers we sometimes miss great shots that would work perfectly for stock photography or other uses.  If you keep your photography backed up you might just get an opportunity to go back through your library and use many different images to create revenue later.


You are going to need several different hard drives for setting up a proper photography workflow.  Here are some world class options that will keep your photography safe.

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The Sasquatch Proof Workflow of Secret Agent Jarvis

Chase Jarvis has setup a photography workflow that would make James Bond want to be a photographer.

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