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HDR Photography Contest

The Photography Contest has pulled out all the stops on the first photography contest of 2012!  Sponsored by Stuck In Customs, HDRsoft makers of Photomatix, and Topaz Labs this is an awesome HDR Photography prize package!  Trey Ratcliff of Stuck in Customs is the leader in HDR photography education.  His HDR video tutorial is the best resource for learning HDR photography.   Photomatix is the best HDR software.  HDRsoft is dedicated to the HDR photography community and therefore focus there resources on developing the most powerful HDR software.   Topaz Labs creates the most amazing software and plugins for making your images pop!  With these three items you will have everything you need to take over the world!!!  Well the HDR Photography world :)


Trey Ratcliff and Stuck in Customs:  Trey is a travel and HDR photographer.  He has created an amazing resource over at his site Stuck In Customs.  If you have never heard of Trey prepare to loose a few hours of your life.  The first time I found his site I think I spend reading, browsing and eventually purchasing some of his HDR educational products.  If you have heard of him then you know what I am talking about.  Not only is he a great photographer and one of your best photo assets online he is such a nice guy.  When ever I have contacted him about anything he personally emails me back every time.  So make sure if you have a question about any of his stuff shoot him an email or contact him via Twitter @TreyRatcliff

HDRsoft:  HDRSoft is the Developer of the best HDR software in the world. Photomatix is the name of their HDR software.  It is not a plugin so you do not need photoshop to use it.  Their software is used by HDR greats like Trey Ratcliff and RC Concepcion.  

First go download the FREE trial version for Photomatix Pro and check it out.  We are going to have disscussions throughout the week and I want to hear and see what you have done with the software.

Free Download:

What is HDR Photography?  HDR stands for High Dynamic Range.  Basically it means that you can capture the shadows and the highlights of a scene and show everything in perfect exposure.  Normally if you are working with Landscape photography you would have either highlights exposed perfectly or shadows exposed perfectly but not both.  With HDR you capture three images and combine the best exposure of all of them to get a beautifully exposed image.

Topaz Labs:  With Topaz Labs’ Photoshop plug-ins you
can quickly and easily achieve an endless variety of creative and corrective image enhancements, from noise reduction to HDR effects and beyond!  Their software is used by HDR great Trey Ratcliff  and many other Master Photographers.


First head over to the Stuck in Customs, HDRsoft, and Topaz Labs Facebook pages and let them know how much you appreciate their sponsorship a simple thank you on their Facebook wall will go a long way.  You really have no idea how much this little act helps get great sponsors!  I told them we had the best group of photographers and that you would go nuts for them as our sponsor.  So tell them how awesome they are!!

Photography Contest Rules:

Please enter your best ONE shot.

Remember what Fonzie was like? Cool. That’s how we’re gonna be — cool.  Critical is fine, but if you’re rude, we’ll delete your stuff.  All questionalble images will be deleted.  That means no pornography, morbid, disturbing or threatening images.  If your image is removed you are always welcome to resubmit a new different image.  Please do not put your website or links in the comment text, as this comes off like spam. Have fun and thanks for adding to the conversation! (Thank you to Brian Oberkirch and Tim Ferriss for the inspiration)

Voting, Winning and Prizes:

First Prize: PRO HDR Photography Prize Package: One copy of Trey Ratcliffs HDR Video Tutorial + One copy of Photomatix + One copy of Topaz Adjust.

The winner of the first prize will be chosen by the editor based on composition, technical mastery, creativity and compliance with the theme.  The winner of the first prize can come from any of the entries.  This winner has nothing to do with the voting.

Second Prize: HDR Software Prize Package: One copy of Photomatix + One copy of Topaz Adjust.

The winner of the second prize will be based on a popular vote happening in two rounds of voting.  The three images with the most “likes” and comments combined on Thursday January 5th at 5pm MST will move on to the final round of voting.  The three images will be reposted and the entire community will have a chance to vote for their favorite two out of three images.  The one image with the most votes on Monday January 9th at 6am MST will win the second prize.

During final round voting any random images that are posted to the wall will be deleted.

All winners will be announce on January 9th.

Time: Sunday January 1st – Thursday January 5th 5pm MST

Final Round: Thursday January 5th – Monday January 9th 6am MST

Theme:  My Best Shot of 2011 (themes are meant to be interpreted by the contestants. Does not need to be HDR photography)

Post all Entries on the Wall at Good Luck!

One last thing, We really appreciate when our contests get shared with other photographers.  As you can see the bigger our community gets the better our sponsors get.  So if you know someone or a group of people that would be interested in this contest please feel free to share.  Plus you can use the share bar buttons on the left of side of this page.  Thank you :)


If for any reason technical or otherwise the winners are not able to be chosen this contest is considered null and void.

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I am a Photographer and Teacher from the Western United States. I enjoy the creative side of photography. When I am not teaching, I like to write about photography and creativity here on Photography School.

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